Corporate Lunchtime Talks in Singapore (Speed Reading)

Corporate Lunch Time Talk in Singapore

About The Lunchtime Talk

Most professionals read a lot every single day. You, for example probably read the newspaper (printed or online) to catch up withcurrent affairs. Everyday you a bombarded with countless number of emails from work colleagues. To top that off, you also probably read books, proposals, reports every day.

Reading is a vital work skill that you probably use the most often and most of us take this skill for granted as soon as we leave school.

In this corporate lunchtime talk participants will learn to read faster and more efficient , while still being to understand what they’re reading.

Title of The Lunch time Talk

“Scientific Speed Reading Tips: How to Read 301% Faster in Just 45 Minutes”

Content of the Lunch Talk

  • The ultimate protocol to reading faster
  • Establishing your baseline (Number of words per minute)
  • 4 Strategies to increase reading comprehension as you speed read.
  • 2 factors effecting your reading speed
  • Smashing your baseline (Number of words per minute)
  • 5 Powerful tips to 10x your reading speed.

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